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NR Electric (NR), as a power stability expert, is dedicated to provide smart, flexible, reliable and environmental friendly solutions for power generations, power grid and industries. The products and solutions cover protection, automation & control, HVDC & FACTS, Renewable & Micro-grid and Engineering consulting & services.

NR has stood for rugged reliability and world-class engineering including more than 20 years of professional experience of digitization, electrifications and high-tech innovations. NR provides a wide spectrum of electrical and power electronics solutions to enable its worldwide customers to meet the growing challenges of quality and safety. We also offers turnkey and specialist electrical services provided by more than 4000 high tech employees across the globe formulate NR a worldwide recognizable multinational company by expanding its hand to over 100 countries & regions.

Our power solutions with distinctive expertise that bridges both AC & DC power technology and spans both conventional & renewable energy platforms serving power systems from mega power generations, long distance high capacity HVAC and HVDC transmissions, sub-transmissions, medium & low voltage distribution, energy-intensive industry to eco-friendly renewable wind and solar farms. Our feedback oriented approach helps clients to potentially elucidate the technical glitch and they can rely on NR for innovative power solutions that protect people, investments, data and businesses. NR’s valuable mission, innovative technology, high quality products and practical experience permit the company to expand for more contributions to the power utilities and industrial needs.

NR Engineering Co., Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NR Electric, which is responsible for product sales, production and project delivery.

Our Business

NR is one of the largest & ambitious protection and control manufactures and leads to one of the best protection & control solution providers across the world. It occupies a distinct position in FACTS & HVDC system and renewable energy generation. With complete focus on research and development of innovative products and solutions, NR Electric provides comprehensive electrification products, industrial automation and power grid solutions to our proud customers.

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NR, as a world pioneering power system control and protection manufacturer, has delivered products and related technologies to more than 100 countries and regions. We continue to push the boundaries and artificial intelligence in this field will help us make a quantum leap forward;with these significate series of breakthroughs...

NR Protection & Control Historical Milestones
At the end of 1980s
CKJ/CKF Solid-State Protection Relays

Based on Deviation of Power Frequency Component (DPFC) and invented directional comparison and distance relay relying on DPFC

In 1990s
LFP-900 Digital Protection Relays

Based on DPFC and micro controller technology successfully supported the protection functions with DPFC as the core in the LFP-900 series products

RCS-900/9000 Protection Relays and Automation System

This series of protections included major improvements and innovations in hardware structure, protection principles and communication processing.

PCS-900/9000 Protection Relays and Automation System

Fully support digital substations, electronic and traditional CT/PT, IEC 61850, meet the requirements of uniform platform and high flexibility.

New-generation IED PCS S Series

The highly modular and flexible generation of smart devices for innovative solutions functions of protection, automation and control. With its modular structure, flexibility, the powerful PCS-Studio engineering tool, PCS S series offer future-oriented system solutions with high investment security and low operating costs.

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