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  • PCS-9000 Energy Management System (EMS) is an advanced control center solution to monitor, control, manage and optimize the generation &transmission of power grid reliability and efficiency. It adopts a state-of-the-art network management, object-oriented database and visualized cross-platform technology. Furthermore, it provides abundant practical applications to manage the expanding energy system and reduce the operating &maintenance costs, while meeting the present and future's ever-changing business requirements. With hundreds of licenses deployed in China and all over the world starting from Substation, Wind farm to the largest National Dispatching centers, the PCS-9000 EMS is a versatile system to facilitate an efficient, secure and reliable grid operation, not only for managing today’s power network but also for tomorrow’s Smart Grid.

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    • Excellent service team

    Our service engineers possess bachelor’s degree or higher, and have rich sound professional skills and plentiful service experience.

    • Comprehensive support service

    24h hot line, our technical experts and support team of excellent skills provide online support services

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    User projects are guaranteed by our reliable service record and projects filing management, full series spares, and ex-work factory tests.

    • Complete training mechanism

    Training center and training lab are available for employees and client periodic and non-scheduled training.

    • Complete feedback system

    Through service reports, and customer feedbacks, client comments are obtained and taken as reference to continuously improve our services to meet with customer requirements.

    The design philosophy behind PCS-9000 EMS is to meet the high availability, expandability and performance required for real-time power system operations. PCS-9000 EMS adopts modularized and distributed designing concepts to establish standard, practical, simpleand easy maintenance system. It keeps up with the latest developments in software and information technology to provide customers with long-term upgrade and service. Therefore the customer will always get maximum benefits from today’s proven technology and lower their total expense of ownership of the SCADA/EMS system.

    PCS-9000 EMS comprises of two layers:

    • Unified Application Supporting Platform (ASP)

    PCS-9000 unified application supporting platform (SophicTM) provides powerful and universal services for upper-layer applications. Such as:

    It is independent of computer manufacturers and can execute across hybrid hardware platform architectures.

    • Electric power system applications

    PCS-9000 EMS provides full series power system applications to enhance power system management standards. Each application based on the PCS-9000 ASP. This is modular designed for easy installation, operation, maintenance and expansion.

    Its modular functions can be easily customized to meet the customer demands. Moreover the PCS-9000 energy management system is expandable to accommodate the anticipated EMS growth.

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    Case Study ---- EMS for China Southern Power Grid Case Study ---- EMS of Guangxi Grid of China
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