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Urban Track Traffic
  • As one of the major urban transportations, it becomes more and more important to draw attentions to the safe, reliable and economical operation of underground subways. NR’s urban track traffic solution covers AC/DC protection, power monitoring SCADA, and STATCOM.

  • Protection & Automation for AC Traction Protection & Automation for DC Traction SCADA Power Quality
    • NR’s protection and automation solution for AC traction system is designed based on GOOSE communication and adaptive faulty zone network discrimination technology. Instantaneous overcurrent protection with selectivity can effectively avoid long time delay of overcurrent protection logic and improve the capacity of safe operation in subway power supply system.

    • The protection operation time is less than 50ms for the fault of any position in the whole network. Unique grid self-healing technology can reduce the switching time between two power supplies to less than 500ms, and thereby the ability of safe operation for the tram with single power supply. Optional GOOSE interlock function can save the cost of secondary cables and wiring, as well as reduce the commissioning work

    • NR introduces PCS-9683 DC traction relay for the protection, measurement and control of feeders in DC traction power supply system. It can well adapt to impact load and mobility load of DC traction power supply system. The device is compatible with DC circuit breakers from different manufacturers. PCS-9683 has perfect event and fault waveform record functions and the duration of fault waveform record is up to 15 seconds, which are very beneficial for users’ analysis on system accident.

    • NR’s PCS-9700 SCADA is a comprehensive automation system applicable to power monitoring and control system of urban track traffic. It supplies control, monitoring, metering, protection management, remote communication and integrated automation management of subway traction system, covering 66~110kV equipment, 10~35kV equipment, DC 750V or DC 1500V equipment, 400V equipment, AC/DC power source panels, current drainage cabinet and rail voltage limited device in main substation, traction substation and step-down substation of metro power supply system.

    • NR offers advanced reactive power compensation solution for railway traction system. The PCS-9583 Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) is designed based on high performance IGBTs to achieve fast reactive power compensation so as to solve voltage unbalance and distortion, restrain system overvoltage, supply damped oscillations and improve power factor.

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