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PCS-9710 Remote Terminal Unit
  • The PCS-9710 Remote Terminal Unit (abbreviated as RTU) adapts to all kinds of substations and power plants in high, middle and low voltage levels. It supports AC & DC analog sampling, configurable binary inputs and outputs (abbreviated as IO), programmable logic, etc. 

    The PCS-9710 RTU is a microprocessor-controlled electronic device that interfaces objects in the physical world to one or multiple Network Control Centre (abbreviated as NCC). It adopts an object-oriented design with a unified software and hardware platforms which supports the access with nearly all kinds of intelligent device (abbreviated as IED) of NR Electric and the third party. 

  • Functions Features
    • Flexible IO configuration

    • Communication with IED

    • Communication with dispatching center or control center

    • Data calculation and synthesis

    • Operation record and query

    • Time synchronization

    • Remote debugging

    • Auto-diagnostic

    • This device adopts a fully closed chassis with a complete panel. Completely separated spaces for electronic and electrical systems are provided.

    • The program is designed with anti-interference measures to enhance the device EMC.

    • The adoption of the new UAPC hardware platform, 16 bits parallel A/D converter, optional 320*240 graphic dot matrix LCD, and real time multi-task operating system for industrial purpose realizes a high-capacity, high-precision, fast and real time processing. With the high-precision parallel A/D converter, sampling can be conducted for all the AC signals to ensure the accuracy of analog quantity measurement.

    • ŸInterlocking logic is supported in bay level. User can program interlocking logic in using the auxiliary software and download it to RTU via network.

    • Modularized hardware design makes this relay be easily upgraded or repaired by a qualified service person. Various function optional modules can satisfy various situations according to the different requirements of the users.

    • Software and hardware clock synchronization are both adopted with 1ms timing accuracy to ensure the resolution of Sequence Of Events (abbreviated as SOE).

    • Ethernet port and RS-232/RS-485 serial port are equiped for communication with optical fiber or twisted-pair cable.

    • Back plug-in module structure is adopted. Electrical and electronic circuits are strictly separated, which enhances EMC immunity performance.

    • Dual power supply technology based on load balance is supported.

    • Up to 3 extension chassis can meet enormous IO requirement.

    • Flexible device arrangement, including front & rear wiring, full & half-width chassis, extension HMI panel (with LED and keyboard), can satisfy different demands of cabinet installation.

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