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Distribution Network
  • Keeping the path of Smart Grid moving forward, NR has developed innovative distribution management solution for electric distribution network based on state-of-the-art software and hardware technologies. It provides integrated functions and advanced applications for control, management, analysis and optimization of day-to-day operations. 

  • Protection & Control

    NR’s distribution protection and control solution covers all primary assets including distribution transformers, distribution busbars, feeders, motor etc. As for hardware architecture, NR's innovative two-out-of-two logic is implemented to eliminate mal-operations due to the component failure. The combination of the two-out-of-two logic and the implementation of a redundant scheme ensure the dependability and security of our protection and control solution systems. NR invented the Deviation of Power Frequency Component (DPFC), a protection principle, which can help identify and confirm the fault in milliseconds and aid in the issuing of control commands accordingly. NR's continuous focus on research and development has led to the creation of many innovative technologies and patents that have greatly improved the performance of NR’s protection products.


    • Full-range protection and control solutions covering transmission line, transformer, busbar, circuit breaker, generator, reactor, feeder, motor and capacitor.

    • Successfully applied to the world highest voltage level - 1000kV UHVAC substations.

    • High speed fault clearance capability and well immunity to power swing and load fluctuation

    • System security and dependability enhanced by two-out-two logic in hardware design

    • Unique power swing blocking releasing logic to prevent mal-operation of distance protection for internal faults during power swing

    • Improved system security during CT saturation and sensitive to internal faults.

    • Fast and reliable busbar protection during CT saturation due to patented adaptive-weight anti-saturation algorithm and harmonic restrain algorithm

    • Both Δ→Y and Y→Δ phase angle compensation to realize phase segregated inrush blocking.

    • Customized system scheme such as flexible hardware design, scalable function library, programmable logics, configurable I/Os and definable LEDs

    • Fully compatible with IEC 61850 application Powerful disturbance recording function supporting post-fault analysis. 

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