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MD1701S Test Block
  • MD1701S test block cooperates with the CJ28TS test plugs to provide safe, flexible and reliable access to power system protection or measurement scheme for monitoring, verification and secondary injection testing. CJ28TS test plug can be plugged into the MD1701S test block, and they can be fixed together by using two screws. MD1701S test block provides 7 subtypes to meet various requirements as shown in the following figure. E.g.: “MD1701S-4I6U” means 4 current channels and 6 voltage channels are provided.

  • Functions Features
    • MD1701S test block offers facilities for monitoring and secondary injection testing any power system protection scheme.

    • MD1701S carries 14 circuits, each circuit comprises of a pair of internal contacts which are normally sprung together to complete the circuit link through the block when the associated protective equipment is in normal service. It is called as the “Working state”.

    • Insertion of the CJ28TS test plug will open the contacts which connect terminal pairs, so as to allow testing. It is called as the “Testing state”.

    • With the application of MD1701S test block and CJ28TS test plug, safety of the user and system can be ensured

    • Removes the requirements to disturb protective system wiring for testing

    • Monitoring, isolation and secondary injection testing are simplified and quickly performed

    • MD1701S can be mounted adjacent to PCS-S series relays

    • CJ28TS is mechanically polarized to avoid mistaken insertion to MD1701S

    • Automatic CT shorting in the secondary circuit, so as to avoid relay CT open conductor

    • Two screws are designed to prevent CJ28TS from being extracted from MD1701S in testing state

    • Concise & clear labeling

    • M4 rear terminal suitable for ring ferrules

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