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Static Var Compensator (SVC)
  • A weak power grid usually suffers from the voltage drop due to heavy loads. Many industry loads, like mining machine and electric furnace, always generate large amount of harmonic currents, heavy voltage flickers and drops. These problems can easily interrupt power supplies, lower product quality and even reduce productivity.

    To help utility and industry customers improve power quality, NR offers SVC solution to regulate reactive power and voltage so as to improve power quality in a very short period. The SVC system employs innovative valve technology and reliable thyristor triggering method, comprising compact valve banks, efficient cooling system and advanced protection and control system. It has gained extensive market value for its fast response time and low-cost maintenance schemes.

  • Features Service
    • An excellent tool for dynamic voltage control

    • Compact thyristor valve in press stack for easy maintenance

    • Power transmission and distribution capacity increase at lower cost

    • Patented water cooling treatment with high withstand thermal material

    • Open interface based on advanced platform

    • Flexible coordination control with other reactive power regulator

    With strong power system analysis and design capabilities, NR provides turnkey service package to take care from the beginning of one project. The SVC turnkey service package covers the entire life cycle of the project, including:

    • Project Management

    • Conceptual & Detailed Design

    • Manufacturing & Testing

    • Engineering & Procurement

    • Site construction, installation

    • Testing & Commissioning

    • Operation and maintenance services

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