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  • Heavy ice coating can damage transmission lines and towers, ultimately leading to a power supply outage in partial or the entire grid network. To guarantee the safe operation of the power system in severe weather, NR Electric provides consumers with the PCS-9590 fixed DC de-icer and the PCS-9591 relocatable DC de-icer for the protection of transmission lines. The DC output voltage is adjustable. Different DC short-circuit currents can be supplied according to the conductor’s diameter and length. In addition, the de-icer device can also be used as SVC to quickly compensate reactive power, stabilize system voltage and improve power quality.

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    • The use of thyristor rectifiers can reduce the impact on power system during ice melting and ease the switch-over operations.

    • The DC de-icer device supports large current and large angle continuous stable operation. It is applicable to tranmission lines with different conductor diameters and lengths.

    • The PCS-9590/9591 DC de-icer can adopt container type installation and valve hall installation, effectively saving the land resource, shortening the site construction period and easing the equipement transportation.

    • The device adopts reliable and compact structure with watercooling system and compact valve banks.

    • The PCS-9590/9591 is equipped with 6 phase seg circuit breakers enabling the automatic switchover among various ice melting modes and realizing the balanced ice melting for AC lines.

    • NR Electric also provides the high performance control and protection system for DC de-icing melting characteristics has been developed and features and high reliability.

    • Primary system of DC ice melting device requires only very small number of operations to realize SVC function.

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