Top-Notch Quality

Strict Manufacturing Quality Control to Protect Power System & Operation Personnel NR believes the quality of products and services are essential to long-term safety and reliability of electricity delivery. We implemented stringent quality control processes through our procurement, manufacturing, configuration, delivery and services. Starting from board soldering, module inspection, to final equipment assembly, every step is performed by our professional technicians, verified by our testing engineers and monitored by our quality control managers.

Certified to International Safety and Functionality Standards

NR's solutions and products are fully complied with IEC and IEEE standards to guarantee well availability and compatibility. These are also approved and recognized in the type test and EMC test carried-out by independent third party organizations, such as TÜV SÜD and UL.

Professional Project Management to Ensure the Success
of Program Implementation

NR believes professional project management is a key factor to achieve project success. Our project management process executes from the project start-up to closer. The qualified project manager will be responsible for the program execution in a given time with a calculated budget, managing any changes in the scope that are driven by clients, taking care of customers satisfaction and risk limitations.

SGS Quality Management System-ISO-9001:2008

SGS Quality Management System-ISO-9001:2008

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