Five-terminal VSC – HVDC Transmission System

Zhoushan project is the world's first five-terminal VSC – HVDC transmission system. This project consists of five converter stations and the DC high-voltage transmission lines between stations which can realize a more flexible and fast transmission mode. When the communication side failure occurs, the multi-terminal VSC- HVDC transmission system can be cut off by the fault converter station to achieve the new stable operation state.

The most representative and pioneering technology in the VSC-HVDC project:

The project depends on NR pioneering "PCS - 8100 VSC-HVDC fast recovery system" technology, effectively make breakthrough in rapid fault isolation and restart, and achieving single converter station flexible operation, enhancing reliability and availability for zhoushan VSC-HVDC five-terminal system.

Considering the request of zhoushan project, NR finished VSC-HVDC system analysis and research including fast recovery system, establish electromagnetic transient simulation model with AC system and DC converter valve, bridge arm type damper, control and protection system, resonant DC switch and other equipment. We complete system analysis and design in detail, based on the system research conclusion, developed a high reliability, high performance of the bridge arm damper, put forward the considerate solution for VSC-HVDC project.

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