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  • The static frequency converter (also named as Load Commutated Inverter, LCI) is a speed governing equipment for providing startup and rotation speed control for large synchronous motor. It can quickly drag the motor to the rotation speed according to the control requirement. Meanwhile, it also can control motor operation at the required rotation speed. It has been widely used in pumped storage power plant, gas turbine power plant and other industrial enterprise.

  • Features System Configuration Service
    • Cutting-edge rising speed control tactics to guarantee successful and smooth startup process.

    • Series-parallel hybrid air flue design for more efficient cooling effect for high-voltage valve bridge.

    • Redundant and reliable protection scheme with one separate protection and another embedded in SFC controller.

    • Innovative various frequency differential protection for converter bridge and transformer to guarantee reliability, selectivity and rapidity of protection.

    • Automatic, seamless and smart interface switch design for easy realizing redundant SFC scheme, especially for refurbishment or upgrade of existing old SFC project.

    PCS-9575 static frequency converter includes primary power equipment and secondary control and protection equipment. The primary equipment consists of input switchgear cabinet, input transformer, rectifier, DC reactor, inverter, output transformer, output switchgear cabinet, SFC output switch, and cooling equipment for converter.

    NR offers grid-connection all-in-one service package with qualified third-party products to meet clients’ needs.
    Engineering services

    • Site assessment & planning

    • Complete design of solar system

    • Specification development

    Project management

    • Project construction

    • Single-source procurement

    • On-site installation supervision

    • Start-up and commissioning services

    Site system maintenance

    • Preventive maintenance

    • Emergency response

    • Extended warranty

    • Operational and safety training

    Products and System
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