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Stability Control & WAMS
  • Blackouts severely impact the flow to modern society in many ways, from economic repercussions to life setbacks. It can be particularly damaging to enterprises such as hospitals, underground mining operations, gas stations, sewage treatment plants, etc. To solve the above problems, NR provides the unique stability control solution to improve power system stability and significantly reduce possible blackouts.

    NR’s stability control solution comprises power stability control system, out-of-step controller and frequency & voltage controller. The Power Stability Control System (PSCS) is used to prevent and reduce the possibility of system oscillations. Out-of-step controllers and frequency/voltage controllers detect the system’s parameters and take actions to prevent the expansion of instability.

    The Wide Area Measurement System (WAMS) is used to monitor grid operation status, analyze system characteristics, and accurately capture power system dynamic characteristics during fault disturbance and power swing. It is an effective tool to monitor power system stability.

    The real-time monitoring of power system dynamic characteristics greatly facilitates power system stability analysis, early warning, secure dispatching, fault analysis, parameter identification and online stability decision making.

    WAMS can realize synchronous measurement &rapid transmission, and thus it is suitable for large scale rapid control. It is one of the most potential measures to control regional power exchange, restrain fault area extension and enhance main network operation safety.

  • Features Service
    • Pre-Determined Based Power Stability Control System

    Imbalance between loads and power generations can result in system frequency and voltage changes that could ultimately lead to system collapse. Power stability control can quickly restore a system’s balance by load shedding or generator shut down based on the preset control tactic. Ultimately, bringing voltage and frequency back to an acceptable value, so as to minimize the affected area and avoid cascading instability.

    • Instability prediction instead of instability measurement.

    The tactic table is pre-determined and simulated according to the complex stability studies and strategy analysis before installation. After installation, the power stability control system collects related realtime data from substations or power plants and seeks appropriate remedy actions in the tactic table to pull the power system back to a stable state before it goes into a state of instability.

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    Case Study ---- PSCS for Ecuadorian Power Grid
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