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  • Microgrid are electricity distribution systems containing loads and distributed energy resources (such as distributed generators (DG), storage devices, or controllable loads) that can be operated in a controlled, coordinated way when connected to the main power network or when islanded. It provides multiple advantages including higher energy utilization rate, higher power supply safety & reliability, less power transmission loss, low environmental impact.

    NR provides a safe, stable and reliable solution to both grid-connected and islanded micro grid to realize stable and economic operation. This system greatly increases the proportion of grid connected renewable DGs in the distributed power grids.

  • Features Service
    • Protection & Control

    The effective coordination of control and protection among different layers with both centralized and distributed features is very helpful to realize the stable and economic operation of microgrid.

    The control-layer networks can be redundantly designed and configured independently with high reliability and safety.

    The high-performance and ms-level response speed of the microgrid controller enables the seamless switch between different operation modes of microgrid.

    • Microgrid Controller

    Based on the mature platform of UAPC, with relay-level reponse speed and reliability,capable of seamless switchover between different microgrid operation modes.

    The control logic can be flexibly configured. Sufficient communication ports and protocols are supplied to realize the communication access of converters and inverters of different equipment and different manufacturers.

    The communication card and I/O module can be flexibly and optionally configured to meet the requirements of different microgrid capacities.

    NR’s Microgrid solution portfolio covers the complete scope of services and support.

    • Project Management

    • Conceptual & Detailed Design

    • Manufacturing & Testing

    • Engineering & Procurement

    • Site construction, installation

    • Testing & Commissioning

    • Maintenance services

    • Training

    Products and System
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