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Energy Storage System
  • Based on comprehensive experience and solution, NR Electric offers a sophisticated interconnection solution for flexible Battery Energy System (BESS), which includes advanced converter/inverter technology and comprehensive control, protection and battery energy storage management system to ensure the safety, reliability and flexibility of BESS. With years of experience in energy storage system application, NR Electric has acquired comprehensive know-how on storage media and built good relationships with various kinds of battery manufacturers. So NR can help to procure the battery and supply a turnkey solution according to customers’ requirements. By choosing NR Electric as a BESS provider, the customer gains a reliable partner to provide optimized solution with high flexibility, reliability, safety and availability.

  • Features Service

    1. Millisecond level response speed of power conversion.
    2. Multiple ESS control functionality
    3. Compatible communication interface with battery management system (BMS)
    4. Proprietary versatile control algorithms and logics
    5. Control can be realized in either ESS controlled or SCADA analysis
    6. Built-in transient fault recorder function for fault tracking and system analysis
    7. Virtual synchronous generator (VSG) control with synthetic inertia for stabilizing system
    8. Utility grade SCADA system

    NR’s BESS Control packages offer customized solution to meet all your need.


    (1) Step – up Transformer
    (2) Power Conversion System
    (3) Local and remote control,protection device for transformer
    (4) Battery
    (5) Air conditioner
    (optional) Metering
    (optional) Grid – connection switchgear

    NR’s BESS control supports various operating modes to meet the requirements of different energy storage application scenarios for peak shaving, frequency & voltage regulation, spinning reserve, load shifting, and fluctuation smoothing, etc.

    • PQ decoupling mode: Decoupled control of active and reactive power under grid-connection condition is suitable for peak shaving and frequency & voltage regulation.

    • VF control mode: Frequency & voltage control is suitable for the reliable operation islanded mode.

    • Droop control mode: Active power-frequency and reactive power-voltage droop control is suitable for frequency & voltage regulation

    • VSG Mode: Simulating the external characteristics of synchronous generator that it is suitable for the seamless switchover between grid-connected mode and islanded mode.

    • Black start mode: To establish and stabilize the grid voltage and frequency. It is suitable for the black-start application under the islanded condition or spinning reserve application

    NR’s BESS solution portfolio covers the complete scope of services and support.

    • Project Management

    • Conceptual & Detailed Design

    • Manufacturing & Testing

    • Engineering & Procurement

    • Site construction, installation

    • Testing & Commissioning

    • Maintenance services

    • Training

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