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Thermal Power Plant
  • A Thermal power plants uses fossil-fuel or gas-fuel to generate large amount of power, and thus it is predominant in the power generation of some countries. NR’s thermal power plant solution covers the protection of all primary equipment and auxiliary system, the automation system for electrical system and distributed control system for thermal control.

  • Automation Excitation system

    NR’s power plant automation system offers cost-effective control and monitoring of electrical systems in a power plant, covering auxiliary power system and sub-station in power plants with capacity of up to 1000MW. Advanced automatic functionalities, such as safety monitoring of primary devices and realtime monitoring of electric parameters, are provided to operation personnel for the management of whole power plant.


    NR’s automation solution is designed based on Ethernet communication and the whole system is hierarchical and distributed. The system adopts functional diversification and object-oriented design to improve availability for different applications.

    • Flexible and open system architecture

    • Advanced real-time database and historical database

    • Fully support the IEC61850 standard(Ed1 and Ed2)

    • Advanced IGML modeling

    • Friendly human machine interface

    • System offline maintenance and online update

    Excitation system is an important part of generator that is used to inject the exciting current into rotor to establish the magnetic field. The excitation system need to maintain the generator voltage level and is required to act on power system static and transient conditions.

    NR provides microprocessor-based excitation system to improve generator performance and reduce maintenance costs. It offers comprehensive control strategies for different applications, such as power system stabilizer, optimum control or adaptive control, etc. It also can be customized to meet the various specifications of specific project. The current rating is available from 100A up to 7000A and the voltage rating is available from 100V up to 700V.


    • Easy for upgrading or repair.

    • Maintaining the normal operation of the excitation system by fault tolerant control

    • Dual sets or multiply sets configuration to improve reliability of the whole control system

    • Seamless coordination between operation curve and excitation loss protection

    • Providing accesses to SAS or RTU via Ethernet network ports and serial ports

    • Complete event recording function

    • Powerful fault and disturbance recording function

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