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PCS-9882Rx DIN Rail Managed Ethernet Switch
  • The PCS-9882Rx series DIN rail managed Ethernet switches are especially designed for compact site and space saving installation scenarios such as rail traffic system, industry process control, distribution network, renewable energy generation, etc.

    It supports high data transmission rate to meet the increasing requirements in the developing network communication field. The following figure shows a typical application of this device in substation automation system. The following table shows the subtypes. Different Ethernet port arrangements are provided.

  • Ethernet Switching Flow Control VLAN Ring Network Multicast Port Security Management Method
    • 10/100Mbps self-adaptive electrical Ethernet ports

    • These ports are compatible with the 10BASE-T/100BASETX standard and are self-adaptive for crossover and straightthrough network cable. MDI/MDIX automatic identification is supported.

    • 100Mbps fiber port adopting SFP socket

    • The SFP transceiver complying with IEEE 802.3 100BASEFX standard can be hot plugged.

    • 1000Mbps fiber port adopting SFP socket

    • The SFP transceiver complying with IEEE 802.3 1000BASESX standard can be hot plugged.

    • The switching mode is non-blocking store and forward.

    • Support of IEEE 802.3x flow control.

    • Network storm suppression

    • The upper rate limit of broadcasting/multicasting/addressingfailure message is configurable.

    • Port rate limitation

    • The message forwarding rate and burst rate of each port is configurable.

    • Port mirror

    • Monitoring the inflow/outflow data of all the ports can be realized through one designed port.

    • Link aggregation

    • Link aggregation can be based on port number, MAC address, etc.

    • Quality of service control

    • The message priority control based on IEEE 802.1p is supported, including the strict priority strategy and the weighted priority strategy.

    • Support of VLAN based on port

    • Support of VLAN based on MAC address

    • Support of VLAN based on protocol

    • Support of VLAN based on IEEE 802.1Q

    • Support of overlapped VLAN configuration

    • Support of VLAN tag insertion, modification and deletion

    • Support of GARP VLAN registration protocol

    Support of STP (IEEE 802.1D), RSTP (IEEE 802.1w) and MSTP ring network protocol so as to fast switch to a backup link in case of link failure

    Support of NR-Ring private protocol with faster ring network recovery speed

    • Support of VLAN multicast based on IEEE802.1Q

    • Support of static multicast management based on MAC address

    • Support of GMRP dynamic multicast management

    • Support of IGMP snooping dynamic multicast management.

    • Support of port security certification based on static MAC address

    • Support of port security certification based on IEEE 802.1X

    • Support of network security protocol based on SSL/SSH

    • Support of WEB Server, Telnet and CLI

    • Support of SNMP V1/V2C/V3.

    • Support of RMON

    • Providing of alarm output contact and block output contact via relay

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