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Electrified Railway
  • Railway power supply system includes railway traction power supply system and railway power system. Traction power supply system provides power supply for locomotive, and it is the power source of the electrified railway. Railway power system provides power supply for the stations along the railway and vehicle's control system, and it is directly related to the safe running of the locomotive. According to the requirement of railway power supply system, NR provides practical and reliable overall solution, including traction power supply, power dispatching, railway power, catenary switch.

  • Protection & Automation for Traction Automation for Railway Power System Power Dispatch Power Quality
    • NR’s powerful PCS-9700 automation system provides centralized monitoring & control, protection and measurement for traction power supply system. It is composed of PCS-9680 series protection & control devices and PCS-9700 SCADA system.

    • The PCS-9680 series products are suitable for all kinds of railway traction power supply modes, including direct feed, direct feed with negative (DN), booster transformer (BT) feed and auto-transformer (AT) feed. The protection & control devices include traction transformer relays, feeder relays, capacitor relays, auto-transfer switches, auto-transformer relays and fault locators which are dedicated for AT feed mode.

    • NR’s PCS-9700 automation system for railway power system is composed of PCS-9700 SCADA, PCS-9600 protection & control devices and PCS-9721 remote terminal unit for railway pad-mounted transformer.

    • PCS-9700 SCADA system for railway power system offers monitoring and control of 10kV railway substation. The PCS-9600 series protection & control devices include feeder relays, transformer relays, capacitor relays, auto-transfer switches and bay control units.

    • To optimize the operation of railway power system, NR designs PCS-9000 railway power dispatch system with various control and monitoring functions, such as system analysis, power forecast, optimized dispatching, training simulator and so on. The advanced power dispatch system can help to reduce investment and save operation and maintenance costs, while enhancing information sharing of railway power grid in the future development.

    • NR offers advanced reactive power compensation solution for railway traction system. The PCS-9583 Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) is designed based on high performance IGBTs to achieve fast reactive power compensation so as to solve voltage unbalance and distortion, restrain system overvoltage, supply damped oscillations and improve power factor.

    Case Study ---- Automation System of Traction Power Supply for Guangtong to Dali Railway
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