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Due to advancement of technical knowledge & intelligence, day-to-day development of high end technologies, it is important to keep the researchers, engineers and customers updated at optimum level.
Henceforth NR Electric as a power stability expert, is dedicated to provide smart, flexible, reliable and environmental friendly solutions for power generations, power grid and industries. NR Electric focuses on the digitization and electrification of innovative products and solutions with unique patents with know-how approach. We provides a wide spectrum of products, systems & services, comprehensive electrical and power electronics solutions in the following fields:
Integrated Secondary System

Integrated Secondary System consists of a full spectrum of hardware and software solutions for power system protection, automation and management.


NR Electric's power electronics-based equipment provides proven and cost-effective solutions to achieve a Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) and HVDC transmission system to improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of any power system.

Renewable Energy Generation

NR Electric's renewable energy generation solutions comprises of major solar/wind farm primary equipment, protection & control system, reactive power compensation, etc., to make your renewable energy system as effective as possible.

To endorse the above technologies, NR Electric training center keeps the charge of the trainings for our clients as well as for the employees. We realize the needs and demands of our customers in the fields of our solutions and products, accordingly develop the training program to fit the requirements of our clients. We have a professional trainer team and also provide various training forms/programs/certifications for our clients. Every year over 5000 electrical engineers are trained in NR training center. We hold the perfection for world class trainings and customer satisfaction through our programs.


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