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Hydro Power Plant
  • Hydroelectricity is the most widely used form of renewable energy in the world. It is expected to increase about 3.1% each year for the next 25 years. To keep up with the fast development of hydro power plant, NR Electric offers a series of solutions for hydro power plants to enhance production efficiency and improve generation safety.

  • Protection & Control SCADA Excitation system

    NR provides the complete protection and control solutions for power generations, including generator, step-up substation and auxiliary electrical system. NR’s protection and control solution has been widely used in high capacity steam-turbine, gas-turbine and nuclear power generators.


    • Unique generator-transformer unit protection for main and backup protection of generator-transformer units

    • High sensitivity can be gained during internal fault, while transient unbalance current can be avoided during external fault.

    • The motor protection solution covers the motor management of small capacity motors and the motor protection & control of PCC and MCC system from 380V to 600V.

    • The high speed transfer device is used in power plants to ensure the continuous and reliable power supply for busbars.

    NR’s PCS-9150 advanced SCADA system is an integrated distributed platform used for the monitoring and management of the whole hydropower plants, including new built hydropower plants, retrofit hydropower plants and cascade hydropower plants.

    The PCS-9150 features powerful predominance of dual power supplies for I/O modules, dual 100Mbps communication rate and high real-time capability, and has graphic configuration without compilation requirement.


    • Embedded safety mechanism only receives qualified pre-defined network data packs and prohibits unauthorized connection to controller.

    • Redundancy: redundant LCU controllers, IO networks, HMI supervisory control networks, HMI interfaces, and power supplies, both controller and IO unit adopt dual power supply (AC220V or DC220V/110V wide voltage design; one model), optional redundant functions

    • Fully metal structure of controllers/IO modules, highly resistant to interference and with strong EMC

    • Millisecond level control cycle

    • Redundant 100Mbps control network and high-speed I/O network

    • SOE clock synchronization of 1ms

    • Disturbance-free update: disturbance-free update of controller during online operation

    Excitation system is an important part of generator that is used to inject the exciting current into rotor to establish the magnetic field. The excitation system need to maintain the generator voltage level and is required to act on power system static and transient conditions.

    NR provides microprocessor-based excitation system to improve generator performance and reduce maintenance costs. It offers comprehensive control strategies for different applications, such as power system stabilizer, optimum control or adaptive control, etc. It also can be customized to meet the various specifications of specific project. The current rating is available from 100A up to 7000A and the voltage rating is available from 100V up to 700V.


    • Easy for upgrading or repair.

    • Maintaining the normal operation of the excitation system by fault tolerant control

    • Dual sets or multiply sets configuration to improve reliability of the whole control system

    • Seamless coordination between operation curve and excitation loss protection

    • Providing accesses to SAS or RTU via Ethernet network ports and serial ports

    • Complete event recording function

    • Powerful fault and disturbance recording function

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