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Digital Substation
  • With the development of protection, automation and communication technology, NR’s digital substation technologies offer a complete digitalized solution that fully connects the control room to the switchyard with optic fiber links. This proven solution reduces your capital investment, operational and maintenance costs. It also offers unmatched information integration, and provides better reliability and security for substations.

  • Service
    • Excellent service team

    Our service engineers possess bachelor’s degree or higher, and have rich sound professional skills and plentiful service experience.

    • Comprehensive support service

    24h hot line, our technical experts and support team of excellent skills provide online support services

    • Superior service guarantee

    User projects are guaranteed by our reliable service record and projects filing management, full series spares, and ex-work factory tests.

    • Complete training mechanism

    Training center and training lab are available for employees and client periodic and non-scheduled training.

    • Complete feedback system

    Through service reports, and customer feedbacks, client comments are obtained and taken as reference to continuously improve our services to meet with customer requirements. 

    Products and System
    Case Study ---- Philippines First Digital Substation by NR Case Study ---- Substation Retrofit for TANESCO Case Study ---- Beijing Feature City 220kV Digital Substation
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