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PCS-9700 Renewable Energy SCADA
  • PCS-9700 is a state-of-the-art automation solution for substations, power plants and industrial enterprises with many advanced technologies and patents. It can be applied for substations starting from distribution level up to extra high voltage level. It integrates the application of protection, control, Ethernet, IT and communication technology based on the international standard and it is fully compatible with IEC61850 standard. The system adopts the layered distributed architecture with bay-oriented and object-oriented structure, which is more reliable and easy to extend and maintain.

    The PCS-9700 helps customers realize the automation of local operations and collection, evaluation and forwarding of data. It provides remote control and monitoring of the power system operation status. It is suitable for the following applications: 1)Transmission and distribution substations, power generation and a variety of industrial electrical systems; 2) Utilities, power plants and industries; 3) Newly constructed substations and retrofit substations; 4) Gas and air isolated switchgears; 5) Subway systems, light-rail systems, and electrified railway systems.

  • Functions Features
    • Real-time data acquisition and processing
      The system makes acquisition and processing of real-time data of supervisory and control units installed in bay level.

    • Control operation, synchronism checking and interlocking
      The system can make sequential operations on circuit breakers, motor-driven isolators, transformer tap changer, reactive power device group, etc. PCS-9705 and RCS-970x bay control units carry out control operations, synchronous checking and electrical interlocking functions. Interlocking software is used mainly for implementation of edition, compilation and download of interlocking logic.

    • Communication with control center
      Communication with control center is independent to local HMI. Control command can be transmitted directly from control center. It supports IEC standard protocols and other standard protocols such as DNP3.0 and 1801 as well.

    • Time synchronization
      The system receives GPS standard time signal for clock synchronism. The absolute time are broadcasted through network. The second or minute pulse signal is inputted to equipment by RS-485 port or potential free contact. The IRIG-B signal (AC or DC) is also supported.

    • Interfaces with third-party IEDs
      Protocol converters complied with IEC 61850 is provided for the integration of third-party IEDs. It can convert non-IEC 61850 protocol to IEC 61850 and realize the full automation of all IEDs in substation.

    • Protection and fault information management.
      The system can acquire protection information, fault information, power system stability control and other automation equipment, and make display, analysis and processing locally. The information subsystem provides a powerful fault analysis tool. When fault occurs, the information subsystem can transmit protection operation information and fault report to dispatching center quickly, helping dispatchers to get correct fault information, make rapid and correct fault analysis as well as decision on fault clearance.

    • PLC function based on IEC61131
      Programmable control function is designed based on IEC61131 standard. It can complete logic latching of individual device sequential control, group control as well as station-wide control.

    • SAS software package (HMI)
      The system provides powerful and friendly human machine interfaces software package including:
        Setup and maintenance of data base
        Reactive power and voltage automatic regulation
        Configurable Alarm processing
        Sequence of events record and post-fault review
        Configuration and displaying of graph and chart
        On-line calculation and reports preparing
        Operation management
        Electricity processing
        Self-diagnosis and self-restoration

    • Optimized design scheme
      The PCS-9700 system is considered for various functions of protection, local supervisory, control, reactive power and voltage regulation, interlocking, selective ground fault protection of an ineffectively grounded system, as well as management of equipments, operations and information of protection and fault recorder information, etc.

    • Powerful and flexible communication facilities
      The station bus uses 100M Ethernet while the bay level uses dual 100M Ethernet as redundancy. A powerful communication platform is thus formed by these facilities together with network communication equipment such as 100Mbps Switches and gateways. The process bus uses redundant Gigabit or 100M Ethernet based on optical fiber. It will guarantee the real-time transmission of important information, such as tripping/closing commands.
      The system uses IEC 60870-5-103 standard protocol for communication with protection relays and other IEDs. The RCS-9794A/B communication unit of multiple CPU structure is equipped as protocol converter. It provides various standard ports and the system can be connected with equipments made by other manufactures. So the user has the flexibility to select various kinds of products.

    • Open HMI software in substation level
      The software of the system is developed based upon Windows and UNIX operation system. SQL server (companied with Windows) or ORACLE (companied with UNIX) is selected as the database management software. Based on softbus and network technology, Software package is an open system which greatly enhances the availability of internal information of the whole station.

    • Direct data transmission to control center
      Functions of external communication and internal communication are independent to each other. Information can be acquired directly from bay level and transmitted to dispatching centers. Communication bottleneck problem of the traditional RTU scheme can be solved so that reliability of information transmission can be greatly enhanced in PCS-9700 system.

    • Object-oriented information structure
      The information structure is object-oriented. Each logic devices in database is associated with a physical device. Influence of single item change is limited in related part of corresponding logic device only. It is thus easy to be extended. Attribution of information is self-described. It supports on-line configuration and real-time check functions of the equipment.

    • Secure and reliable bay control unit
      The bay control unit is based on 32 bits CPU and DSP hardware platform. It adopts real-time multitasks operation system with powerful processing ability and well suits the requirements of data acquisition and processing of bay level.

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