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Series Compensation
  • The main purpose of using series compensation in a power system is virtual reduction of line reactance in order to enhance power system stability and boost the transmission capacity of existing and new transmission lines. Due to the deregulation of power market the existing transmission assets are to be utilized to the maximum extent to ensure efficient investment return. Simultaneously strong environmental awareness impedes construction of additional overhead transmission lines. Cost effective series compensation from NR can help system operator boost the transmission capacity of existing transmission system and also reduce the number of lines needed for greenfield power transmission projects so as to limit the impact to the environment.

    NR series compensation solution consists of control and protection system, capacitor bank, MOV, spark gap, damping circuit, bypass breaker and insulation platform. NR provides the ‘all-in-one’ Turnkey solution for series compensation covering planning, design, supply, installation, commissioning, training and maintenance.

  • Service

    Combined with vast experience of project management and profound expertise of engineering know-how, NR Electric is able to provide ‘all-in-one’ turnkey solution of series compensation to customer.

    • Project Management

    • Consulting and System Planning

    • Conceptual & Detailed Design

    • Manufacturing & Testing

    • Engineering & Procurement

    • Site construction, installation

    • Onsite Testing & Commissioning

    • Operation and maintenance services

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