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PCS-9830 Switching Controller
  • The PCS-9830 switching controller is a three-phase control device for circuit breakers it serves to open or close at specified phase angle on voltage waveform in order to minimize the impulse caused by switching on. The controlled switching technology significantly eliminates harmful electrical transients upon planned switching, and thereby extending the breakers life time and improving the stability of the entire power system.

  • Functions Features
    • Phase segregated closing function

    • ŸPhase segregated tripping function

    • ŸSelf-adaptive compensation function

    Self-adaptive compensation function based on current feedback

    Self-adaptive compensation function based on position feedback

    • ŸRealtime compensation functions

    Realtime compensation function based on control circuit voltage

    Realtime compensation function based on mechanism ambient temperature

    Compensation function based on resting time

    • ŸCurrent zero-drift automatic calibration function

    • Complete self-adaptive compensation function and complete real-time status compensation function are provided.

    • ŸMeasurement of current and voltage, as well as monitoring of operation status are realized.

    • Ÿ32 operation records, 64 self-check records, and 64 binary quantity/status change records are provided.

    • ŸSoftware and hardware can be flexibly configured according to applications.

    • ŸElaborate anti-interference assembly design with fully enclosed chassis provides strong resistance to vibration and Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI).

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