• Protection, Automation & Control

    Protection, Automation & Control

    NR Electric developed an unified Integrated Secondary System (ISS) from merging units to the management systems for grid level control centers, offering seamless inter-operability, ummatched openness and high configurability.



    NR Electric's power electronic equipment provides cost-effective solution to achieve a Flexible AC Transmission System, so as to increase transfer capacity and ensure quality of your next generation smart grid.

  • Renewable Energy Generation

    Renewable Energy Generation

    The strength of NR Electric’s renewable energy generation solutions is based on our deep knowledge of electrical grids and over twenty years of experience as a key power system solutions provider.


  • PCS-9583 STATCOM
    The static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) automatically outputs inductive or capacitive power, and follows the demand on load side or in the power system network.
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  • NR Electric Releases PCS-9799 Station Manager
    The PCS-9799 Station Manager is designed for a complex substation automation system (SAS). It is an integral part of SAS that maps signals between protection and control IEDs.
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  • PCS-9656 Arc-Flash Protection
    NR Electric has released the new PCS-9656 arc-flash protection with arc sensor. It can clear arc fault as fast as light speed to safeguard personnel safety and minimize equipment damage.
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  • Upgraded Capacitor Protection
    NR Electric will release the PCS-9631 capacitor protection for the protection, control and monitoring of shunt capacitor bank on solidly grounded, impedance grounded, Peterson coil grounded and ungrounded system.
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  • NR Electric Has Released the New PCS-9641 Motor Relay
    In November, NR has release the new PCS-9641 motor relay for the protection, control and monitoring of motors. The new PCS-9641 features high performance functional library, programmable logic and configurable I/O.
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  • Multi-Terminal VSC-HVDC Transmission
    In August 2013, NR Electric has won an order to offer control and protection systems and VSC-based valve banks for ±200kV Zhoushan five-terminal VSC-HVDC transmission project. Zhoushan project is the first five-terminal VSC-HVDC transmission project in t
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