NR Commissioned SVC at 230kV Substation for Mexico CFE

On 15th June 2016, NR Electric successfully commissioned -50Mvar ~ 150 Mvar SVC system at 230kV NUEVO VALLARTA Substation of CFE Mexico to enhance the grid stability and availability. NR Electric is responsible for the whole Engineering, Procurement and Construction of the SVC project. The advanced package includes SVC system study, design, supply, transportation, installation, setting, testing, commissioning and training.

The SVC system adopts TCR+TSC+FC structure. The TSC based SVC has the advantage of significantly reducing the operation losses during the whole life cycle. The installation of NR SVC system will provide steady state …

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Case Study

Zhoushan five-terminal VSC-HVDC Project

Zhoushan islands include Dinhai, Daishan, Qushan, Yangshan and Sijiao five main islands. The islands are highly critical and aggressively developing archipelago, which are situated at the south-east coast of China. There were frequent power instability and power failure problems due to high load demand and weak power integration system.