NR successfully commissioned the first Static Self- Synchronous Compensator

On February 4, 2024, the first set of Static Self- Synchronous Compensator(SSC) supplied by NR was successfully connected to the grid at the 220kV substation of Huaneng Bafen Wind Farm in Jilin, which marks that the SSC, which is based on the grid-forming technology, has entered into the engineering application stage.

SSC is a new type of application that adopts grid-forming technology and combines power electronic high-voltage cascade and supercapacitor short-time energy storage application. SSC is equipped with a supercapacitor short-time energy storage system, which can instantaneously share a certain amount of active power during faults and provide the necessary inertia support for the system. At the same time, SSC adopts high-efficiency high-power power electronic high-voltage cascade technology, and as a stationary device, it has low maintenance cost and flexible construction method. In addition, the applicationof grid-forming control technology gives the SSC independent voltage source characteristics, so that it maintains a constant internal potential at the instant of fault, which can be applied to weakly grid systems to improve the system short-circuit capacity. Overall, SSCs have the comprehensive advantages of high inertia, high damping, strong support, low loss, easy maintenance, and flexible parameters, which can provide innovative solutions to the problems faced by new energy power systems.


With years of technical accumulation, continuous innovation and in-depth understanding of new power systems in the fields of power system analysis and control, STATCOM, energy storage, flexible DC transmission, excitation and relay protection, NR has taken the lead in the industry to put forward the grid-forming control technology, and has successively realized the engineering applications of grid-forming VSC-HVDC,grid-forming energy storage, grid-supporting STATCOM and static self- synchronous compensator, providing a full set of grid-forming solutions for different application scenarios, which will surely create a greater value for the development and construction of the new generation power system.

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