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PCS-985B/AW Generator-Transformer Unit Relay
  • PCS-985 generator-transformer unit protection can be applied for turbo-dynamo, gas-turbine, hydro, pumped storage and nuclear power generator with different connection modes. It supports conventional CT/VT and ECT/EVT, and provides interfaces for power plant automation.

    For medium to large generator, two sets of PCS-985 protections can be used to achieve duplicated protection configuration. Two PCS-985 protections use different CT groups, and main and backup protection in one PCS-985 share one group of CTs.

    PCS-985B provides complete protection scheme for a turbo-dynamo or nuclear power generator-transformer unit which usually comprises generator, main transformer, step-down transformer and exciter or excitation transformer.

    PCS-985AW can be applied for large-scale hydro or pumped storage generator-transformer unit with different connection modes.

  • Current Differential Protection Generator Protection Main Transformer Protection Excitation Transformer/Exciter Protection Step-down Transformer Protection Miscellaneous
    • ŸCurrent differential protection of generator-transformer unit (87GT)

    • ŸCurrent differential protection of generator (87G)

    • ŸCurrent differential protection of main transformer (87T)

    • ŸCurrent differential protection of step-down transformer (87T)

    • ŸCurrent differential protection of excitation transformer or exciter (87E)

    • ŸPhase segregated transverse differential protection (87STG)

    • ŸIncomplete current differential protection (87IG)

    • ŸHigh sensitive neutral point transverse differential protection (87NTG)

    • ŸGenerator inter-turn protection (59NIT)

    • ŸPhase-to-phase impedance protection (21)

    • ŸVoltage controlled overcurrent protection (50/51P)

    • ŸFundamental zero-sequence voltage stator ground fault protection (64S1)

    • ŸGenerator 3rd harmonic stator ground fault protection (64S2)

    • ŸGenerator stator ground fault protection with 20Hz voltage injection (64SInj)

    • ŸGenerator Ping-Pang type rotor ground fault protection (64R)

    • ŸRotor ground fault protection with low-frequency square-wave voltage injection (64RInj)

    • Stator overload protection (49S)

    • ŸExcitation winding overload protection (49E)

    • ŸGenerator inadvertent energization protection (50/27)

    • ŸGenerator out-of-step protection (78)

    • ŸGenerator reverse power protection (32R)

    • ŸLow forward power protection (32F)

    • ŸGenerator shaft overcurrent protection (51GS)

    • Overexcitation protection (24)

    • ŸLoss-of-excitation protection (40G)

    • ŸOvervoltage protection (59)

    • ŸUndervoltage protection (27) .

    • ŸUnderfrequency protection (81U)

    • ŸOverfrequency protection (81O)

    • ŸNegative-sequence overload protection (46G)

    • Generator startup and shutdown protection (StShut)

    • ŸBreaker failure protection (50BF)

    • ŸVoltage balance protection (60)

    • ŸTransformer restricted earth fault protection (64REF)

    • ŸPhase overcurrent protection of HV side (50/51P)

    • ŸPhase-to-phase impedance protection of HV side (21)

    • ŸGround overcurrent protection of HV side (50/51G)

    • ŸGap zero-sequence overvoltage/overcurrent protection of HV side.

    • ŸOverexcitation protection (24)

    • Pole discrepancy protection of HV side (62PD)

    • Breaker flashover protection (50F)

    • Zero-sequence voltage alarm of LV side (59G) 

    • Overload alarm

    • Initiating cooling

    • Overcurrent protection (50/51P)

    • Overcurrent protection includes two stages used as backup protection. 

    • Voltage controlled overcurrent protection of HV side (50/51P)

    • Voltage controlled overcurrent protection of two branches of LV side (50/51P)

    • Residual overcurrent protection of two branches of LV side (50/51G)

    • Overload alarm

    • Initiating cooling

    • ŸMechanical protection (MR)

    • ŸFault detector (FR)

    • ŸVoltage and current drift auto adjustment.

    • ŸVT circuit supervision (VTS)

    • ŸCT circuit supervision (CTS)

    • ŸSelf diagnostic

    • ŸGPS clock synchronization

    • Fault recorder

    • IEC61850 MMS & GOOSE for station bus

    • ŸIEC60870-5-103 protocol

    • ŸMODBUS protocol

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