CIGRE 2020 e-session

The CIGRE Paris 2020 will be delivered as online digital session using the CIGRE Academy webinar technology and run over nine days from Monday 24 August, to Thursday 3 September, 2020.

NR is proud to present the advanced flexible MVDC technology and project reference during the CIGRE e-session 2020. The flexible MVDC technology of NR is designed to manage the challenge faced by the future energy distribution system. The presentation focuses on the system design, key equipment implementation and special control strategies of the intelligent flexible DC distribution network project in Jiangdong District, Hangzhou, China. More details will be introduced during the CIGRE 2020 e-session.


Monday August 31-session 1 (morning)

The NR presentation session will start at 9:00 CET (paper B4-201).

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