NR helps to build the first tidal PV power station in China

On May 30, the first 100MWp tidal photovoltaics power station in China was connected to the grid with full capacity. This is the first time that China has complementary developed solar and tidal energy. The successful grid connection of this power station marks that China has made new achievements in the field of comprehensive utilization of marine energy.

NR Electric provides a complete set of protection and monitoring equipment for the project, and implements the engineering integration of 110kV multi terminal differential (four terminal differential) line protection and 5MW/5MWh energy storage primary frequency modulation system.

This project is the first PV power station in Zhejiang Province to synchronously constructe and install 5MW/5MWh energy storage system.

The whole station has achieved a high level of automation. In conjunction with Zhejiang Electric Power Research Institute, the first photovoltaic power station fast frequency modulation pilot project was officially comissioned, which perfectly upgraded the coordination among energy storage, SVG and inverter. Goose communication is used inside the energy storage system to realize the millisecond fast response of primary frequency modulation with photovoltaics and energy storage.

Zhejiang Wenling tidal PV Power Station is located in Jiangxia Tidal Power Station and Reservoir Area, Taizhou , Zhejiang. The total area of the reservoir area is about 1.33 km2 . The rated installed capacity is 100MWp.

The project implements a new construction model of "new green energy tidal energy + solar energy", makes full use of the water surface of the power station reservoir area. After being connected to the grid, it is estimated that the annual average on-grid power generation will be about 106.87 million kWh, which will save 32,600 tons of standard coal every year.


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