Hunan's first 500kV substation with remote "one key sequence control" was successfully put into operation

On May 11, 2022, Hunan 500kV Shuicheng substation successfully put into operation. The substation is the first 500kV intelligent substation in Hunan Province to realize the remote "one key sequence control" function.

The implementation and application of remote "one key sequence control" enables the staff of Changsha EHV centralized control station to operate the 500 kV Shuicheng substation equipment more than 300km away only in front of the centralized control computer, greatly shortened the operation time and reducing the risk of human error.


The 500 kV Shuicheng Substation is located in Chenzhou City and it’s a key project in Hunan Province. The substation is designed as an unattended intelligent substation. NR as the system integrator of the substation, provides a secondary overall solution for the whole station, including intelligent protection measurement and control device, network switch, synchronous phasor, protection information system etc, realizes advanced functions such as remote operation of protection relays, bay level interlocking, dispatching sequence control, remote browsing and so on.

NR commissioned the whole system successfully, which wins highly praised by users.

NR will continue to give full play to the technical advantages accumulated in the field of protection & control, and is committed to providing better products and solutions for the global market.

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