NR electronic load bank solution was successfully put into operation in Indonesia’s Ferronickel project

On April 12, 2022, NR PCS-9531 electronic load bank system was successfully put into operation at Ferronickel project in Indonesia. The successful operation of the system will improve the primary frequency modulation capacity of enterprise power grid, enhance the power grid damping, and effectively improve the static and dynamic stability of the grid. It has great application value for ensuring the safe, reliable and stable operation of islanding power network.


Indonesia is known as the "country of thousands of islands". Each island is rich in mineral resources. Special geographical structure and huge demand for electric energy from industrial load, resulted in its unique cluster structure of islanding power grid system. The power grid stability for this kind of system is always a big challenge.

The power grid in this project is an islanding power system composed of generators and several submerged arc furnace loads.

Compared with the large power grid system, the isolated islanding power grid lacks frequency and voltage regulation means. It has small short-circuit capacity, and the power grid structure is fragile. At the same time, the load of industrial submerged arc furnace fluctuates greatly, which will have a great impact on the power grid during operation. 

Electronic load bank is a flexible electric load power balance system based on power electronic technology. It has accurate control of kW power, rapid response performance of milliseconds and flexible control strategy.

In this project, NR supplies a complete set of 35kV / 30MW electronic load bank system to carry out dynamic power tracking compensation, accurate load control and passive frequency auxiliary control by tracking the power change of generator and submerged arc furnace load in real time.

Through the "active + passive" control strategy and cooperating with the generator & network coordination system, the power distribution and control of generators and loads are optimized to effectively ensure the stable and reliable operation of industrial isolated network system.


The project adopts the containerized prefabricated cabin structure for the first time, with compact design and all outdoor layout, which greatly reduces the workload of on-site installation and commissioning. A lot of manpower and material resources are saved. The application wins highly praised by users.

NR can provide a package of solutions to improve and optimize the enterprise power grid, which included electronic load bank, energy storage system, generator & network coordination, DCS, low-frequency load shedding and stability control system, so as to ensure the safe production, high efficiency and energy saving of industrial users.

NR will continue to practice the corporate purpose of "creating value and serving the society", and contribute more to the development of reliable green power system.

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