NR assisted the successful generation of hydropower station in Nigeria

Recently, the first unit of Zungeru hydropower station in Nigeria was successfully commissioned and realized power generation, which laid a good foundation for the power generation of subsequent units.

NR has designed hydropower unit protection solutions for the project and provided key equipment such as generator transformer unit protection and switchyard protection.


Zungeru hydropower station is located in the middle and upper reaches of Kaduna river near Zungeru Town, Niger, Nigeria. With a total installed capacity of 700MW and four 175MW turbines, it is the largest hydropower station built in Nigeria.

The power station mainly generates electricity, and has the comprehensive utilization efficiency of flood control, irrigation, water supply, aquaculture, shipping and so on. The project is EPC contracted by the "CNEEC-Sinohydro" consortium composed of CNEEC and Sinohydro. The project construction also solved the employment problem of more than 4000 local people.

After completion, the average annual power generation is 2.64 billion kWh, which can meet the power consumption of two cities similar to Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. It plays an important role in improving Nigeria's power shortage, enhancing the stability and sustainable power supply capacity of the power grid, and improving people's living standards.


The generator transformer unit protection provided by NR for the project adopts variable data window vector algorithm, injection stator grounding phase angle dynamic compensation and other technologies to improve the calculation and measurement accuracy of protection element quantity and grounding resistance under different operating conditions of the unit.

At the same time, the protection device adopts the full modular configuration scheme, protection logic and hardware interface can be flexibly configured, which can meet the complex application requirements on site.

NR helps the smooth implementation of Zungeru hydropower station with advanced technology, excellent products and professional services.


Facing Covid-19 severe challenges, NR technical staff worked together with construction units to advance the epidemic prevention work. Timely and efficient completion of on-site commissioning has been highly praised by customers.

NR local engineering team has the ability to independently complete the commissioning of each voltage level system, can provide customers with timely pre-sales and after-sales technical support, and has won a good reputation among users.

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