NR assisted the first 220kV traction substation of Egypt's electrified railway to deliver power successfully

Recently, the first 220kV Badr#2 traction station of Egypt's first electrified railway - Egypt Ramadan 10th City Light-Rail Transit(LRT) railway project successfully energized.


Egypt's Ramadan 10th City LRT connects Cairo City, satellite cities along the East and the new capital of Egypt, with a total length of about 65 kilometers. 11 stations are set along the line. The completion of the project will drive the economic development of surrounding cities and facilitate the travel of nearly 5 million residents along the line.


Relying on years of experience of electrified railway solutions and technical advantages, NR provides a full set of PCS-S series protection, measurement and control devices and  integrated  automation system for 2 traction substations, 4 section substations, 1 switching substation, 13 step-down substations and 2 follow-up substations of the project.

PCS-S series devices show strong functionality and high configurability, which are highly praised by the engineers and recognized by the Egyptian national railway authority and the Egyptian national electric power company.

In addition, NR adopted advanced intelligent design software to realize component standardization, drawing digitization and intelligent verification, and automatically generated various engineering report information such as equipment list and terminal wiring, which greatly shortens the drawing design cycle and ensures the high-quality and efficient completion of the project design in a short time.




NR will continue to provide power protection for interconnection between cities through leading technology, safe & reliable products, and continues to benefit the Egyptian people with quality products and services.

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