To keep pace with the rapid developed technology and product innovation, NR is committed to providing customers with the numerous and comprehensive training courses throughout the year as well as on-demand training at your facility. The training is a combination of tutoring, factory training and "on-the-job" training, including fundamental knowledge of power system, and introductions to NR’s Protection, Automation & Control(PAC) solutions, HVDC & FACTS solutions, and renewable & BESS solutions.

NR Training Center

NR’s modern training center prepares full series product samples to conduct professional training for domestic and oversea customers. At NR's advanced training center, we offer regularly scheduled courses containing theoretical courses and hands-on interactions using relays & meters, relay test tools, automation software, communication equipment and personal computers.

The key to the successful training program is qualified and expert instructors. At NR training center, a group of well-trained instructors with years of practical experience in the protection industry is dedicated to bringing high quality technical topics in different languages, including English, Russian, French and Spanish.

NR insists to keep the class sizes small so instructors can interact with each trainee. Trainees receive theoretical course manuals and detailed lab exercises guidelines to ensure they can apply this knowledge in their workplace. Debugging tools such as Omicron and HMI software are provided to perform the static electrical test for further understanding. Trainees can manipulate and test the protection and automation devices in laboratories to gain operating experiences.

On-Site Training

To maximize customers' benefits from our training, NR offers the option of conducting training courses at users' facility. These on-site courses can be tailored based on the specific engineering project and requirements. All the necessary testers and literature will be provided on-site for operation practice.