PV Grid Connection

In recent years, solar energy generation has become popular since it is clean, inexpensive and has low installation costs, especially where grid power is inconvenient or unreasonable expensive to connect. However, due to the intermittent and unstable characteristics of renewable energy, its grid connection may have an influence on the stability of grid operation.

Based on the deep knowledge of electrical grids, NR introduces the integrated renewable grid-connection solution to address efficient ac/dc conversion, high power quality and smooth grid interconnection.

PV Grid Connection
  • All-around Protection &Control products portfolio to safeguard PV Generation
  • Comprehensive power system application experience
  • Utility grade hardware & software modules and SCADA system with powerful user-definable functions
  • Advanced PV power management functions to achieve high operation efficiency and reap more solar power
  • Strong flexibility to fit diversified customer needs
NR offers grid-connection all-in-one service package with qualified third-party products to meet clients’ needs.
Engineering services
  • Site assessment & planning
  • Complete design of solar system
  • Specification development
Project management
  • Project construction
  • Single-source procurement
  • On-site installation supervision
  • Start-up and commissioning services
Site system maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Emergency response
  • Extended warranty
  • Operational and safety training