Static Synchronous Compensator(STATCOM)

High-power rapid impact loads and rapid growth of asymmetrical impact loads can lead to considerable reactive disturbances in power systems. Ultimately, affecting power stability, power quality and the economic operation of power grids. Additionally, the overcurrent and overvoltage caused by these disturbances may damage the associated electrical apparatuses.

Maintaining voltage stability and reactive power compensation is crucial. The most advanced solution is using high performance Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) to provide fast and variable reactive power to the grid. NR Electric’s STATCOM solution relies on the latest fully-controlled IGBT technology. It helps both utility and industrial customers gain economic benefits through solving voltage unbalance and distortion problems, restraining system overvoltage, supplying damped oscillations and improving power factor.

Static Synchronous Compensator(STATCOM)


  • Overall plug-in secondary circuits to simplify production process
  • Easy maintainability with detachable capacitors
  • Less footprints and less overall cost.
  • Integrated control and protection system to realize quick fault clearance to ensure system operation security
  • Standardized Workstation offers easy access
  • Operator Workstation (OWS) fully compatible with IEC60870-5-103, IEC61850 and other international standards.
  • Fast dynamic regulation to improve power quality


Based on undertaking hundreds of STATCOM projects worldwide, NR offers its STATCOM turnkey service package to meet clients’ needs. The STATCOM turnkey service package covers the entire life cycle of the project, including,
  • Project Management
  • Conceptual & Detailed Design
  • Manufacturing & Testing
  • Engineering & Procurement
  • Site construction, installation
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Operation and maintenance services

Case Study

CSG Funing Converter Station 2x±100 MVar STATCOM

The STATCOM project is a major initiative allowing the safe and reliable operation and transmission of Hydro Power between Yongren to Funing through HVDC link. A total of three STATCOMs, among which NR Electric has supplied two with all control principles. These enhance the reliability and stability of power interconnection capability of HVDC link and provide support to maintain flexible hydro power with high security. [View More...]