Protection & Control

NR is dedicated to providing diverse protection and control products with well-proven technologies that have been widely applied in thousands of projects worldwide. The protection and control solution covers all primary assets including: generator, transformer, transmission line, busbar, circuit breaker, reactor, capacitor, feeder, motor etc. 

As for hardware architecture, NR's innovative two-out-of-two logic is implemented to eliminate mal-operations due to the component failure. The combination of the two-out-of-two logic and the implementation of a redundant scheme ensure the dependability and security of our protection and control solution systems. NR invented the Deviation of Power Frequency Component (DPFC), a protection principle, which can help identify and confirm the fault in milliseconds and aid in the issuing of control commands accordingly. NR's continuous focus on research and development has led to the creation of many innovative technologies and patents that have greatly improved the performance of NR’s protection products.

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