Power electronics technologies, such as valve banks and thyristor control, are widely used in power systems in the areas of Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) and renewable energy interconnection. The application of power electronic can enhance power system controllability, playing an important role in smart grid. Due to the power electronic features, these kind of equipment applied in power system could control power flow, increase transmission capability, reduce voltage fluctuation, compensate reactive power, improve stability, improve power quality and implement interconnection of renewable energy or distributed generation/storages.

As a comprehensive solutions provider, NR Electric well introduces innovative power electronic technologies in power system applications to present true break-through solutions to optimize existing and new AC systems, increase system reliability & availability, improve dynamic system stability both during and after faults and increase power quality for sensitive industries. The power electronic can increase transfer capacity, reduce losses and maintain voltage profile under many network operating conditions.

NR provides innovative power electronic products based on both Current-Sourced-Converter (CSC) and Voltage-Sourced-Converter (VSC), including Static Var Compenstaor (SVC), Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM), De-Icer with SVC function, Fixed Series Compensator (FSC), wind energy converter for interconnection, photovoltaic inverter for interconnection, Static Frequency Converter (SFC) and generator excitation system.

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