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  • PCS-9250 DC Yard Electronic Transformer

  • NR provides DC ECT, EVT and filter imbalance ECT for both LCC-HVDC and VSC-HVDC transmission projects. The DC electronic transformers have advantages of small size, light weight, no ferromagnetic resonance problem.

    DC Electronic CT
    DC electronic CT is used in HVDC converter station to convert the DC current and supply the signals to control and protection devices. The DC electronic current transformer is composed of converter, air-core coil, remote-end module, optical insulator and merging unit. The digital outputs of DC electronic CT is transmitted by optical fibers.

    DC Electronic Voltage Transformer
    DC electronic VT is used to convert and transmit DC voltage signals to control and protection devices in the converter station. The precise resistor voltage divider is used to convert DC voltage based on equipotential shielding technology. The use of shunt capacitor voltage divider can realize equalized voltage distribution and ensure its frequency characteristics. The remote end module locally collects and transmits signals via optical cables. The composite insulator is used to achieve reliable insulation.

    DC Filter Imbalance Electronic Current Transformer
    PCS-9250 series DC filter imbalance electronic CT uses the low power CT (LPCT) to convert primary current to digital signals. It is composed of LPCTs, remote-end modules, fiber optic insulators and merging units. The output signals of LPCT are processed by the remote-end module and transmitted via optical fibers.

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DC (Filter) Electronic CT
  • The insulator is applied composite silica gel, which is high reliability and light weight. The insulator has many advantages, for example, it is easy to manufacture, while maintaining high reliability in operation, and it is light weight.
  • The diverter uses Manganin as a material, which has a lower temperature factor.
  • The structure of the sensor provides great performance in heat dissipation.
  • The air-core coil is used here for harmonic current measurement, and the wide-frequency band can be obtained with good dynamic performance.
  • The remote module uses redundant configuration with high reliability.
  • Sixteen A/D signals are adopted in the remote module with high precision.
  • Laser power supply is used for remote modules with selfchecking function.
DC Electronic VT
  • The DC electronic VT adopts HV resistor in high precision with metallic film as a voltage divider resistor. The measurement accuracy can reach Class 0.2;
  • The HV side and LV side of the capacitance divider are designed with the same time constant, and thus the transformer has good frequency characteristics and transient characteristics as well as rapid response;
  • The remote-end in the high voltage side is powered by laser supply. The laser power can be adjusted in realtime according to the operating situation of the remote-end module;
  • The remote module is extensible, and can be flexibly combined with merging units to meet various application demands of the DC control & protection system;
  • The DC electronic VT is equipped with complete self monitoring functions to perform operation monitoring and maintenance.