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  • PCS-8200 Unified Power Flow Controller

  • Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC), as a representative of the third generation of FACTS devices, is by far the most comprehensive FACTS device, in power system steady-state it can implement power flow regulation, reasonably controlling line active power and reactive power, improving the transmission capacity of power system, and in power system transient state it can realize fast-acting reactive power compensation, dynamically supporting the voltage at the access point and improving system voltage stability, moreover, it can improve the damping of the system and power angle stability.

    NR Electric’s UPFC integrates the active and reactive power regulation in a four quadrant converter, the product has following benefits.

    • Flexible control of system load flow and maximization of transmission capability
    • Sufficient damping to improve the dynamic stability of the power grid
    • Less cost of power transmission corridor
    • Emergncy power support to avoid large-area load shedding
    • Reducing ring current to achieve optimal load flow and less network loss
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  • Being adaptive to different power system structures, such as double circuit line, and single circuit line, meeting various customers’ need.
  • Modularized structure, easy extension, convenient installation and maintenance.
  • Low switching-frequency MMC, and low converter loss.
  • Flexible control modes, in parallel side being able to control the AC voltage and dynamic reactive power at grid connection point, and in serial side being able to control the terminal voltage, phase, impedance and combined flow.
  • For different AC systems, the system can be analyzed in steady and transient state, and system strategies can be customized.