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  • PCS-Explorer IED Configuration & Debugging Tool

  • The PCS-Explorer is a software tool designed for the debugging and commissioning of PCS series devices. It configures the inputs, outputs and parameters of PCS series devices in visual and graphic display to facilitate project configuration. The software integrates offline visible programming configuration, device drive file generation, construction files comparison and merging, online debugging, download functions, shortcut key configuration, DNP 3.0 protocol configuration, export RIO file and multi-users authority management.

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  • Manage configuration for all devices in substation
    The PCS-Explorer can manage the configuration of PCS series devices and the operations of project files in PCS- Explorer.
  • Create device settings based on template driver
    PCS-Explorer provides users with standard templates of PCS series devices to simplify device configuration to streamline new device deployment. Ultimately, it simplifies project installation and maintenance.
  • Off-line configuration
    Device hardware configurations can be configured through PCS-Explorer. Users can edit and change device settings either on the LCD display window or via this software in order to meet the site requirements.
  • Visualized device configuration
    PCS-Explorer provides visualized device configuration functions to simplify configuration processes. Users are capable of enabling and disabling device protection functions and programming the required logic functions.
  • On-line debugging and downloading
    PCS-Explorer offers downloading and on-line debugging functions to check device state. The pre-configured files can be compressed into driver package and downloaded to PCS series devices.
  • Shortcut key configuration
    The device's seven keys, “▲”, “▼”, “◄”, “►”, “+”, “-” and “ENT”, can be configured as function shortcut keys by PCS-Explorer. By pressing shortcut key, the corresponding extended command can be executed quickly to fulfill some control or operation.
  • DNP 3.0 protocol configuration
    If the device supports DNP 3.0 protocol, PCS-Explorer can be used to configure communication information lists based on DNP 3.0.
  • IO plug-in module
    IO plug-in symbol library includes BI and BO symbols of platform NR4000 and platform NR1000 used for PCS devices.
  • Export RIO file
    PCS-Explorer can export RIO (only distance protection) from offline configuration or online device to be used by OMICRON Tester.
  • Multi-user authority management
    PCS-Explorer can set different operation authority for different user by configuring user information, including user name, password and operation authority.