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  • PCS-996S Disturbance Fault Recorder

  • The PCS-996S disturbance & fault recorders are designed for the monitoring and recording of electrical quantities in digital substations. Digital signals are collected by merging units and transmitted to the PCS-996S for data comparison and information storage. GOOSE and Sampled Value modules are integrated for communication with intelligent control devices and merging units based on IEC 61850-9-2 protocols.

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Recording Functions
  • Initiating recording by AC voltage
    • Phase voltage over upper limit
    • Phase voltage under lower limit
    • Sudden increase/decrease of phase voltage over limit
    • Negative sequence voltage over upper limit
    • Zero sequence voltage over upper limit
    • Sudden change of zero-sequence over limit
    • Frequency over upper limit
    • Frequency under lower limit
    • Absolute value of df/dt over limit
  • Initiating recording based on AC current out-of-limit
    • Phase current over upper limit
    • Sudden change of phase current over limit
    • Negative sequence over upper limit
    • Zero sequence over upper limit
    • Sudden change of zero sequence over limit
    • Power swing
  • Initiating recording based on binary input
  • Continuous recording (24 hours uninterrupted recording)

    Auxiliary Functions
  • Self diagnostic test
  • Loss of DC power supply alarm
  • Hardware circuit online detection
  • Support IRIG-B time synchronization

  • 1 RJ45 Ethernet port complied with IEC60870-5-103 and IEC61850 protocol
  • 1 RS-485 serial port used for GPS time synchronization
  • 1 RS-232 serial port used to test and configure device
  • 1 Ethernet interface used for FTP service of continuous recording and real-time waveform display
  • The robust hardware platform adopted for DFR is the same as NR Electric’s protection and control system, which has been well proven in field.
  • This device adopts a fully-closed chassis with a well designed structure, providing separate spaces for low and high voltage systems. The traditionally integrated circuit board mode is abandoned. Furthermore, anti-interference measures are integrated into the software, thus enhancing anti-interference capabilities.
  • This device makes use of an advanced hardware platform, which includes 16 bits parallel A/D converter, 320*240 graphic dot matrix LCD, and real-time multi-task operating system. The advanced hardware platform can achieve the high-capacity, high-precision, high-speed, and real-time data processing. The high-precision parallel A/D converter can sample all the AC signals simultaneously in order to ensure the accuracy of these measurements.