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  • PCS-996RC/RA Disturbance Fault Recorder

  • PCS-996RC disturbance & fault recorder is mainly used for recording the dynamic fault process of power system. The DFR is composed of one control unit (PCS-996RC) and multiple acquisition units (PCS-996RA). The control unit is linked to the acquisition units via fiber optic cables in point-to-point communication mode. 

    The control unit PCS-996RC is responsible for concentrating and monitoring of large array of quantities from different acquisition units. 

    The acquisition unit PCS-996RA is responsible for sampling and synchronizing of analogue quantities and digital quantities. 

    One control unit can connect with 1~4 acquisition units. Each of acquisition unit has 48 analog channels and 96 digital channels.

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Recording Functions
  • Triggered recording
    • Voltage and current variation
    • Voltage and current over limit
    • Imbalance of phases
    • Frequency over limit and variation
    • Power swing
    • Binary input change
    • Manual trigger
    • Remote trigger
  • Continuous recording
    24hrs uninterrupted recording with recording rate 1000Hz for 50Hz system and 1200Hz for 60Hz system. 1 minute one file up to 7 days.
  • Long-term recording
    24hrs uninterrupted recording RMS values with recording rate 1Hz. 1 hour one file over 3 months.
  • Extract recording
    Automatically choose the channels of most probably fault component from triggered recording file and form a new COMTRADE file with smaller size for faster transmission and quick look. Usually with 4 channels of voltage, 4 channels of current and several digital channels.

Auxiliary Function
  • Self diagnostic test
  • Loss of DC power supply alarm
  • Hardware circuit online detection
  • Support IRIG-B time synchronization

  • 3 RJ45 Ethernet port complied with IEC60870-5-103 and IEC61850 protocol
  • 1 RS-485 serial port used for GPS time synchronization
  • 1 RS-232 serial port used to test and configure device
  • Scalable distributed or centralized architecture, up to 192 analog channels and 384 digital channels. Optical connection module combined with remote acquisition units provides unique distributed topology.
  • Control unit and acquisition unit can work independently, one unit failure will not affect another one, decreasing the risk of the whole system failure because of one point failure.
  • High synchronization sampling (<1μs) between channels,16 bit analog-to-digital resolution and up to 12000Hz sampling rate, 32bit high performance CPU and digital signal processor(DSP).
  • Web HMI, provides an easy way to configure the DFR locally and remotely.
  • Comply with IEC 61850 protocol