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  • PCS-9882 Ethernet Switch

  • The PCS-9882 series switches can be used in substation automation system (SAS), networked control system (NCS) and distributed control systems (DCS). They can also be used in power plants, industrial control systems, etc.

    PCS-9882 series switches provide 1000Mbps Ethernet ports with higher data transmission rates to meet the increasing requirements of the device communication. PCS-9882 series switches support up to twenty-four 10/100Mbps electrical Ethernet ports and four 1000Mbps Ethernet ports.The fiber ports adopt SFP sockets, which support hot plugging.

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Ethernet Switch
  • Provide 10/100Mbps self-adaptiveelectrical Ethernet ports. The electrical Ethernet ports comply with 10BASE- T/100BASE-TX standardsThey are self-adaptive for crossover and straight-through network cable. MDI/MDIX automatic identification is supported.
  • The 100Mbps fiber ports of this device adopt SFP socket. The SFP transceiver complies with IEEE802.3 100BASE- FX fiber Ethernet standards andcan be plugged into the 100Mbps SFP socket of this device.
  • The 1000Mbps fiber ports of this device adopt SFP socket. The SFP transceiver complies with IEEE802.3 1000BASE- SX 1000Mbps fiber Ethernet (1.25GBd) standardscan be plugged into the 1000Mbps SFP socket of this device.
  • Both the 100Mbps SFP socket and the 100Mbps SFP device socket support hot plugging.
  • The switching mode adopts non-blocking store and forward.
  • Support IEEE802.3x Flow Control.


Flow Control
  • Network storm protection:
    The upper rate limit to forward broadcasting/multicasting/ addressing-failure messages is configurable.
  • Port rate Limiting:
    The message forwarding rate and burst rate of each port is configurable.
  • Port mirror function:
    The user can designate a specific port to monitor the inflow/outflow data from the other ports.
  • Link aggregation:
    Supports link aggregation based on port, MAC address, etc.
  • QoS control:
    Supports message priority control based on IEEE 802.1p standards; it also supports strict priority strategy and weighted priority strategy.


  • Support VLAN based on port
  • Support VLAN based on MAC address
  • SupportVLAN based on protocol
  • Support VLAN based on IEEE 802.1Q
  • Support overlapped VLAN configuration
  • Support VLAN tag insertion, modification or deletion
  • Support GARP VLAN registration protocol.
Ring Network
  • Support STP (802.1D) and RSTP (802.1w), fast switch to backup links in case of communication link failure.
  • Supports“NR Electric-Ring” private ring network protocol with a fast ring network recovery speed.
  • Supports the dedicated ring network protocol, able to minimize network storms when cooperating with a common Ethernet switch (i.e.: the Ethernet switch unable to deal with network storm).
  • Supports MRP ring protocol.
  • Multicast Management
  • Supports VLAN multicast based on IEEE802.1Q
  • Supports static multicast management based on MAC address
  • Supports GMRP dynamic multicast management
  • Supports IGMP snooping dynamic multicast management.


Port Security
  • Provides 3 port security states:
    • None
    • Static MAC address
    • 802.1X
  • Supports network security protocols based on SSL/SSH.
  • Supports quantitative limitation on MAC address learning.
  • Supports Telnet function senable and disable.
  • Free of DoS(Denial-of-Service) attacks.
  • Supports security log and operation log.


File Management
  • Supports offline modification functions of the switch configuration file.
  • Supports switch configuration file upload and download.
  • Supports PC download functions of switch log and event file.


Management Method
  • Supports WEB Server, Telnet and CLI.
  • Supports simple network management protocol SNMPV1/V2C/V3.
  • Supports RMON Management
  • Provides an alarm signal output contact to indicate any abnormality of the device.
  • Provides a block signal output contact to indicate device blocking.
  • Supports IP conflict detection.
  • All PCS-9882 series switches adopt a high-performance switch chip and excellent industrial design to keep line speed forwarding under full-duplex and full-rate operation of all the ports. The design and manufacturing of the device fully consider various adverse conditions and interference factors in industrial applications to ensure reliable data transmission under tough environments.
  • This device is suitable for application according to IEC61850 and in digital substation.
  • Patent protected advanced heat emission technology incorporated to the device in order to ensure excellent heat emission performance. This device can perform in a range of temperatures, from-40°C~ +85°C. Furthermore, it does so stably and reliably.
  • The device adopts the following advanced technologies: totally enclosed chassis, partitioned grounding connection, anti-interference power supply, printed circuit board (abbreviated PCB) division by voltage level, cable shielding. Therefore, no package loss occur under strong electromagnetic interference (abbreviated EMI).
  • Compact field parallel processing technology is incorporated into this device to ensure excellent performance.
  • Save and transfer processes occur in less that 2μs due to the 100 Mbps ports.
  • Process time of save and transfer at 1000Mbps ports is less than 1μs.
  • Supports IEC61850 protocol modeling, the user can monitor the device with the IEC61850 protocol.
  • Optimized RSTP protocol is adopted. The restoration time of the device is less than 1.2 ms per hop. A leading international landmark.
  • The processing capacity guarantees report handling at an average speed between 64-1518 bytes without losing any packages.
  • VLAN, traffic prioritization, RSTP, port security, GMRP/GVRP, IGMP applications are supported to meets the process level requirements in intelligent substations.
  • Provides port security methods (based on static MAC address or based on 802.1X) to guarantee security in linking of IEDs in substations.
  • Network security protocol based on SSL/SSH is supported, so as to ensure safe access control.
  • Static multicast management is supported. In this way, transparent and reliable flow control of linked IEDs to the device is ensured.
  • This device is designed as an industrial management Ethernet switch with abundant functions (e.g.: port flow control, network storm limitation, port mirroring, SNMP, RMON, WEB, port trunking, SNTP clock synchronization).
  • In case of short power supply interruptions, the device can still work up to 500ms.
  • Several 1000Mbps cascading fiber ports are provided to improve the cascading performance.
  • Dual power supply technology based on load balance is supported. Both AC and DC power supplies can be applied to this device.