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  • PCS-985RE Rotor Earth-Fault Relay

  • The PCS-985RE is mainly designed for rotor earth fault by external voltage injection. Because of adopting self-adaptive active switching technology, The PCS-985RE can still supervise rotor insulation even if no excitation voltage is applied. It has high sensitivity and the same sensitivity to any one-point earth fault within the rotor winding. The automatic and manual control function to electric brush ensure rotor earth fault protection can be applied to the brushless exciter units.

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Protection Function
  • One-point earth-fault protection of rotor.
  • Two-point earth-fault protection of rotor.
  • Definite-time control of electric brush.
  • Manual control of electric brush.
  • Binary input supervision.
  • Frequency regulation of external injected voltage.
  • Fault location.
  • External injected voltage supervision.
Miscellaneous Function
  • Self diagnostic test.
  • External DC power monitoring and alarming.
  • GPS clock synchronization
  • Fault recorder
  • IEC61850 MMS & GOOSE for station bus
  • IEC60870-5-103 protocol
  • MODBUS protocol
  • Support browsing and modifying setting group and protection settings remotely.
  • Support checking protection state and resetting signal remotely.
  • The calculation of earthing resistance has nothing to do with the earthing position, so no dead area.
  • High accuracy of the calculation of earthing resistance, and not affected by the capacitance between rotor winding and earth.
  • The calculation of earthing resistance is excitation-voltage independent, so PCS-985RE can monitor the insulation of rotor without excitation voltage.
  • Flexible rotor winding connection, double injection or single injection type can be selected. The earthing position can be measured by the former injection type.