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  • PCS-985GI Generator Relay

  • PCS-985GI is a high performance numerical generator protection device, which integrates main and backup protection into one device. It provides complete protection of a generator in power plant, and it also provides basic protection of a generator and an excitation transformer. PCS-985GI can be applied for turbo-dynamo generator, gas-turbine generator, hydro generator and nuclear power generator with different connection modes. PCS-985GI provides up to 56 analog input channels including current and voltage inputs. The generator protections are configurable. Ancillary functions of fault diagnostic, disturbance records, event records and communication function are integrated in the device.

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Generator Protection
  • Current differential protection (87G)
  • Incomplete current differential protection (87IG)
  • Phase segregated transverse differential protection (87STG)
  • Neutral point transverse differential protection (87NTG)
  • VGenerator inter-turn protection (59NIT)
  • Stator overload protection (49S)
  • Fundamental zero-sequence voltage stator ground fault protection (64S1)
  • Zero-sequence overcurrent protection stator ground fault protection (64S)
  • Generator 3rd harmonic stator ground fault protection (64S2)
  • Generator stator ground fault protection with 20Hz voltage injection (64SInj)
  • Generator Ping-Pang type rotor ground fault protection (64R)
  • Rotor ground fault protection with low-frequency squarewave voltage injection (64RInj)
  • Generator rotor winding overload protection (49E)
  • Generator inadvertent energization protection (50/27)
  • Generator out-of-step protection (78)
  • Generator startup and shutdown protection (StShut)
  • Generator shaft overcurrent protection (51GS)
  • Negative-sequence Overload protection (46G)
  • Generator reverse power protection (32R)
  • Generator low forward power protection (32F)
  • Overexcitation protection (24)
  • Loss of excitation protection (40G)
  • Generator phase overcurrent protection (50/51P)
  • Phase overvoltage protection (59P)
  • Undervoltage protection (27P)
  • Overfrequency protection (81O)
  • Underfrequency protection (81U)
  • Impedance protection (21)
  • Breaker failure protection (50BF)
  • Mechanical protection (MR)
  • Voltage balance protection (60)

Excitation Transformer Protection
  • Differential protection (87ET)
  • Overcurrent protection (50/51P)

  • Fault detector (FR)
  • Voltage and current drift auto adjustment
  • VT circuit supervision (VTS)
  • CT circuit supervision (CTS)
  • CT saturation detection (CTS)
  • Self diagnostic
  • GPS clock synchronization
  • Fault recorder
  • IEC61850 MMS & GOOSE for station bus
  • IEC60870-5-103 protocol
  • MODBUS protocol
  • DNP 3.0 protocol
  • Configurable function
    Modules of the device adopt intelligent design, amount of input and output modules and module slot position are configurable. User can increase or decrease the amount of AC input module, binary input module and binary output module, and terminals of those modules can be defined according to actual requirement. Besides, configurability is also reflected in software design of device, which means that user can hide the protective element not used or add new protective module not in standard configuration.
  • Parallel calculation of double DSP system
    The hardware of the device comprises a 32-bit microprocessor and two 32-bit digital signal processors (DSP). Those processors can operate in parallel companied by fast A/D converter. The 32-bit microprocessor performs logic calculation and the DSP performs the protection calculation. High performance hardware ensures real time calculation of all protection relays within a sampling interval.
    On the premise of 24 samples per cycle, all data measurement, calculation and logic discrimination could be done within one sampling period. The event recording and protection logic calculation are completed simultaneously.
  • Independent fault detector
    Independent fault detectors in fault detector DSP module for connecting power supply of output relays. The relay can drive a tripping output only when protection element on protection DSP module operates with the fault detector in the fault detector DSP module operating simultaneously. This kind of independent supervision of tripping outputs using fault detectors can avoid any mal-operation possibly caused by any hardware component failure. This highly increases the security.
  • Configurable tripping output
    The tripping output contacts can be configured by tripping matrix and suitable to any mode of tripping.
  • Fault recording function
    Event records include 1024 binary input events and 1024 alarm events. Disturbance records including 64 fault reports, and 64 disturbance waveform, and file format of waveform is compatible with international COMTRADE91 and COMTRADE99 file. Analog inputs and binary inputs can be recorded, and three oscillography triggering mode are supported, which are protection pickup triggering, manual triggering on keypad of device, and remote triggering through PCS-Explorer software.
  • Powerful PC tool software
    Powerful PC tool software (PCS-Explorer) can fulfill protection function configuration, modify setting and waveform analysis.
  • Integration of main and backup protection
    Main and backup protection are integrated in one set of protection device. Protection information is shared by all parts. The device can record all relevant waveform of any fault.
  • Reliable CT Saturation Detection
    Based on the operation sequence of DPFC restraint current element and DPFC differential current element of differential protection, external fault with CT saturation or internal fault can be distinguished correctly.