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  • PCS-9720 Management Unit

  • NR Electric promotes a complete automation solution with PCS-9720A/B substation management units for switching stations, ring main units, distribution stations, pole-type switches and transformers. All Units give sufficient consideration to severe operation environment impact, and have advantages of high reliability, stability, good electromagnetic capability, low power consumption, wide working temperature range, shock-proof, water-proof, anti-lightning and easy maintenance.

    The PCS-9720A/B distribution sub-station management unit is usually installed in substations for distribution automation and information transmission between terminals. It collects data from DTU & FTU and transmits them to the main station via analog/ digital channels or Ethernet network based on the IEC60870-5- 101, IEC60870-5-104 or DNP 3.0. Simultaneously, it receives remote commands and delivers them to other intelligent equipment.

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  • The CPU of PCS-9720A/B adopts the INTEL high-speed low- consumption network processor, which can process the full- load data flow in the 100Mb/s Ethernet connections easily. Additionally, the 128Mbytes cache on each CPU board can help to fully utilize the high-speed performance of the CPU.
  • The PCS-9720A/B management unit adopts complete electric-isolated duplicated-unit configuration which ensures each unit has independent power supply, modules and rear panels. The two units have no electrical connection except for the external communication links where effective electrical isolation is adopted. The complete electrical isolation greatly improves the independence of a single unit. Thereby, ensuring real redundancy of duplicate unit and its safe operation.
  • The complete redundant duplicate unit design enables the device switch-over, manual/automatic channels switch and real-time data synchronization of duplicate units very smooth, fast and seamless.
  • Benefitted from embedded real-time operation system and reliable network protocol stack, PCS-9720A/B is capable of ensuring the reliability of real-time operational systems. The network protocol stack dramatically improves real-time full capacity flow of network data and efficiently prevents any malign networks from accessing. Thereby ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the device.
  • The large capacity hard disk with a memory of 8Gb ensures unlimited information storage of event information and control commands.