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  • PCS-9700 Automation System

  • PCS-9700 is a state-of-the-art automation system for substations, power plants and various industries. PCS-9700 is equipped with diverse advanced technologies and patents. It can be incorporated into various substations, from distribution level to Extra High Voltage (EHV) level. It integrates the applications of protection, control, Ethernet, IT and communication technologies based on international standards. Furthermore, PCS-9700 is fully compatible with the IEC61850 standard. The system adopts the layered distributed architecture with a bay-oriented and object-oriented structure, which is more reliable, extensible and easy to maintain.

    NR also provides solutions that allow retrofit from the conventional substation to digital substation.

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PCS-9700 automation system is completely compatible with the IEC61850 standard and has passed the IEC61850 conformance test, obtaining the level A certification issued by KEMA. NR has established its own IEC61850 level B test laboratory to confirm the standard compliance for all NR products.

NR IEDs support IEC61850-9-2 standard and process level Generic Object Oriented Substation Event (GOOSE) messages. Compared to conventional substations, the process bus based on optical fiber is used to replace cable connections between IEDs. Therefore, project construction time and cost can be reduced significantly.

  • Flexible and open system architecture
    • Redundant System configuration
    • System compatibility and extensibility
    • SQL standard access interface
    • XML-based database import/export
    • SVG-based graph import/export
  • Advanced real-time database and historical database
    • Integrated design of combining real-time database and commercial database
    • Object oriented distributed real-time database management
    • Mainstream commercial databases supported (Oracle, MySQL, etc.)
  • Advanced IGML modeling
  • PCS-9700 HMI software
    • Basic functions
      • Graphic user interface
      • Remote control for CB/DS/ES & tap position
      • Real-time alarm
      • History event recording & retrieval
      • Topological analysis
      • Trending
      • Report & Statistics
      • Database management
      • Authority management
      • Graphic primitive management
    • Advanced functions
      • Web
      • Anti-maloperation
      • Voltage and reactive power control (VQC)
      • Post Disturbance Review (PDR)
      • Data retransmission to Control Center (CC)
  • Powerful and flexible communication scheme
    PCS-9700 uses IEC61850 standard protocol for communication with protection relays, BCUs and other IEDs. PCS-9794 protocol converter provides various standard ports so that the system can be connected with IEDs of other manufacturers. Moreover, ring network is supported.
  • Open HMI software in substation level
    Linux, Windows and Unix can be used as the operating system. Moreover, reliable database management software (MySQL and ORACLE) is supported.
  • Object-oriented information structure
    The information structure is object-oriented. Each logic device in the database is associated with a physical device. Influence of single item change is limited to a related part on the corresponding logic device. Thus, it is easy to be extended. Attribution of information is self-described.
  • Direct data transmission to control center
    With the application of PCS-9799 station manager, data can be acquired directly from the bay level and transmitted to control centers. Communication bottlenecks in traditional scheme can be solved so that reliability of data transmission can be greatly enhanced in PCS-9700 system.
  • Secure and reliable BCU
    PCS-9705 BCU adopts 16 bits parallel A/D converter, graphic dot matrix LCD, and real-time multi-task operating system for industrial purpose to realize the high capacity, high precision, fast and real-time information processing. With the high-precision parallel A/D converter, synchronization sampling can be conducted for all the AC signals to ensure the accuracy of analog quantity measurement (up to the 15th harmonic component).