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  • PCS-9656 Arc Flash Relay

  • The PCS-9656 Arc Protection provides a fast busbar protection in substations, power plants and industrial enterprises. In case of short circuit faults in switchgear, the arc faults in the protected area which is covered by arc sensors can be quickly cleared via arc protection, avoiding harm to personnel and assets. The arc protection uses arc sensors to detect the arc light caused by short circuit faults.

    PCS-9656 Arc Protection can acquire the incoming line currents and arc flash signals via localized arc sensors to reliably discriminate the arc faults. Up to 12 current inputs can be integrated in one unit. It integrates the protection calculation, tripping output, event recording, and human-machine interaction etc. This device can be installed in a protection panel or local switchgear.

    Arc Sensor is locally installed in appropriate points on the case of the cubicles inside of the switchgear, to transmit arc signals to arc protection, which will perform optic-electric conversion. The optical signal transmission between sensors and arc protection can avoid electromagnetic interference and improve reliability during transmission.

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  • PCS-9656 Arc Protection Unit
    The arc fault protection system is composed of one or several PCS-9656 arc protection units. The device adopts flexible modular design that function modular can be configured or extended according to the actual engineering demands. The PCS-9656 arc protection unit can collect electric signals and arc signals locally, or receive electric signals from other merging units and arc signals from other slave units, to perform functions such as logic discrimination, tripping output, event recording, and man-machine interaction etc.
  • PCS-9656SH Arc Sensor
    The arc sensor is used to transmit the detected analog optical signals to arc fault protection units for optic-electric signal conversion, thus to avoid EM interference during signal transmission.