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  • PCS-9631 Capacitor Relay

  • The PCS-9631 relay is a comprehensive protection, control and monitoring unit for shunt capacitor bank on solidly grounded, impedance grounded, Peterson coil grounded and ungrounded system. The PCS-9631 features high performance functional library, programmable logic, configurable I/O and integrated frequency-tracking.

    The PCS-9631 can fully support the IEC61850 communication protocol and GOOSE function, and can completely meet customer demands.

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Protection and Control
  • Four-stage overcurrent protection. (50P/51P)
  • RMS overcurrent protection. (51RMS)
  • Six-stage zero sequence overcurrent protection. (50/51G)
  • Unbalance current protection. (60P/G)
  • Thermal overload element. (49)
  • Negative sequence overcurrent protection. (46)
  • Undercurrent protection. (37)
  • Breaker failure protection. (50BF)
  • Two-stage undervoltage protection and two-stage over voltage protection. (27/59)
  • Phase voltage differential protection. (87V)
  • Neutral voltage differential protection. (87VN)
  • Mechanical Protection (MR)
  • Remote and local tripping/closing of breaker.
  • Voltage and current drift auto adjustment.
  • Frequency tracking.

Monitoring and Metering
  • Metering of current, voltage, active power, reactive power, power factor, energy, frequency, harmonic.
  • Circuit breaker monitoring.
  • CT failure supervision.
  • VT failure supervision.
  • Tripping circuit supervision.
  • Self diagnostic.
  • Fault Recorder.
  • Total 1024 SOE, including tripping, alarm, binary input change and human operation reports.
  • User-configurable high resolution oscillography of last 4 oscillograms. (Compatible with COMTRADE format)

  • Up to four 10Base-T/100Base-TX (RJ45) ports or two 100Base-FX ports with IEC 61850-8-1 MMS and GOOSE for non-time-critical message, IEC 60870-5-103 over TCP/IP or DNP 3.0
  • Two RS-485 rear ports with IEC 60870-5-103
  • Up to Six 100Base-FX ports with IEC 61850-9-2 Sampling Value and GOOSE for time-critical message
  • One RS-485 rear port for clock synchronization
  • One RS-232 rear port for printer
  • 1 faceplate RJ45 port for testing and setting
  • Clock synchronization via pulse, IRIG-B and SNTP
  • Protect grounded and ungrounded, single- and double-wye configurations. Use sensitive phase- and neutral-voltage differential elements and phase- and neutral-current unbalance elements to provide reliable protection.
  • Simplify relay settings, application, and inventory by using one relay for all of your capacitor bank needs.
  • Sample the analog values from the conventional CT/VT, or receive the sampled values from electronic CT/VT via merging unit.
  • Various algorithms for protection and measurement have been completed in PCS-9631 for the feature of electronic transformer sampling, such as the error prevention method of multi-algorithms data anomaly for the digital channels, to realize high accuracy and reliability under various conditions of network faults or communication interruption.
  • PCS-9631 has powerful GOOSE functions, and the connection and cooperation between some devices can be realized without using electrical cables.
  • Various methods of GPS time synchronization are supported in this relay, including SNTP, pulse per second (PPS) and IRIG-B synchronization.
  • This device can communicate with a SAS or RTU via different communication intermediates: Ethernet network, RS-485 serial ports. The communication protocol of this device is optional: IEC61850, IEC60870-5-103 or DNP3.0.
  • This device can detect the tripping circuit of the circuit breaker and monitor the operation (close or trip) time of a circuit breaker by checking the auxiliary contacts of the circuit breaker.
  • Complete event recording function is provided: 64 latest protection operation reports, 1024 latest supervision records, 1024 latest control operation records, 1024 latest user operation records and 1024 latest records of time tagged sequence of event (SOE) can be recorded.
  • The relay is compatible with multiple protocols IEC60044-8, IEC61850-9-2 and GOOSE.