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  • PCS-9583 Static Synchronous Compensator

  • The static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) is currently the most advanced technology in reactive power compensation. It is based on a voltage-source converter and can act as a source. The STATCOM can automatically output inductive or capacitive power, and follow the demand on load side or in the power system network.

    NR Electric’s PCS-9583 STATCOM adopts a cascading scheme of multi-level topology. This topology consists of several H-bridge power units with monopole multiplier modulation to achieve three-level output on the AC side. Each phase uses the carrier phase modulation method to obtain better voltage output waveform with more levels. The use of industrial grade components significantly improves the entire system’s reliability. The multi- level output voltage has low harmonics, which can effectively reduce the voltage distortion at the interconnection point and decrease the harmonic current flowing into the outside grid.

    NR Electric's H-bridge cascading STATCOM is composed of power units, reactors, starting units and control units. Control units regulate the control of normal operations, running mode switching and data exchange with the substation automation system. The advantages are shown as follow:

    • Faster response time
    • High voltage flicker reduction
    • Wide operating range
    • Various compensation functions
    • Lower harmonic
    • Small site space

    The H-bridge cascading STATCOM provides direct dynamic reactive power compensation for HV busbar. The compensation is composed by a series cascading connections of full-controlled converter bridges.

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NR Electric's STATCOM has been widely used in the utilities field and other industries. NR Electric technology has also been well proven in these applications, whose performance and features are listed as follow:

  • Professionally designed power module
  • Professional test environment
    • Real time digital simulation lab
    • High voltage test lab
    • High power test lab
    • Analogue simulation test lab
  • Redundant design
  • Hierarchical protection function
    • The operation time in element-level shall not exceed ten microseconds.
    • The operation time in device-level ranges from 100 to 1000 microseconds.
    • The limit protection time in system-level is from 5 to 2000ms.
    • The control unit is used as the backup protection.
  • Advanced OWS
    • Support IEC 60870-5-103, IEC 61850 and other international standards
    • Support the entire substation monitoring solution.
  • Advanced control and protection platform
    • Advanced IC technology and network communication technology
    • Smoothly upgraded upon each module
    • Visual programming and on-line debugging
    • Hierarchical and distributed control and protection system
    • IEC 61850(GOOSE,SV), IEEE1588 and other standards
  • Integrated wave recording function
    • Transient and steady state waves
    • IEEE Comtrade format
  • DC voltage balancing techniques
    • Chain balance algorithm integrated with phase balance algorithm